Best Free Website Builder

I have been asked a handful of times: What is the Best Free Website Builder? The fact is, the answer lies solely on what you are trying to accomplish; and luckily, Host Infuser offers every single possibility through their one-click script installer.

In order to pick out the best solution for you, you must ask yourself: what do I want my website to be? In order to choose the best free website builder, you need to answer this question. Below is a list of possible answers to that question.

  1. Blog/News/Articles
  2. Email
  3. Forum
  4. Shopping


Best Free Website Builder for Blogs/News/Articles

If you are looking to build a website that contains articles, news, or other text-based posts, look no further than WordPress. WordPress is the leading content management system for articles and blog posts. In fact, famous sites such as HuffingtonPost, Time, and The New Yorker all use WordPress.

WordPress’s power comes from its customizability. If you know PHP and read the WordPress documentation, you can sculpt your website into whatever you want it to be. With hundreds of thousands of plug-ins contributed by the community, you can truly make your website your’s. Host Infuser offers a free one-click install of WordPress.

Best Free Website Builder for Email

Looking to create your own email server? Roundcube is here to help. Roundcube is an IMAP client that runs exclusively on your host. Never again will you have to deal with default settings. Roundcube lets you customize your email server however you’d like. Host Infuser offers a free one-click install of RoundCube.

Best Free Website Builder for Forums

The most common free forum engine is phpBB. phpBB offers customization lime no other forum engine, sporting custom themes, plug-ins, and options that allow you to completely customize the forum to your liking. Why put up with limited options? Host Infuser offers a free one-click install of phpBB.

Best Free Website Builder for Shopping

A large chunk of website owners have one goal in mind: make money. Thus, shopping websites are made by the dozens every minute. But what powers all of these shopping websites? Surely they are not all built in-house!

ZenCart does one thing, and does it exceptionally well: sell. If you want a lead-generating powerhouse of a website, you’re going to want ZenCart. Best of all? Host Infuser offers a free one-click install of ZenCart.



Now that you have an overview of the leading choices for each type of website, it’s time to get started. Every option listed is available for free through Host Infuser, who not only offers lightning fast servers with 99.9% uptime, but also a one-click script installer that does all of the dirty work for you.

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