What is Whois?

When you register a domain name, you are required to file documentation that links the domain to you. This way, nobody can steal your domain from you. Think of it as a patent for your domain name.

WhoIs is the lookup of these details, and it can lead to unwanted results. For example, if your details were public, anonymous users could release your address and send you pizzas or random things in the mail. They could also sell your phone number to telemarketers. See where this is going?


However, there is a way to protect your personal information from the wrong hands!

When registering domain names, most companies offer WhoIs identity protection, which registers the domain under the company’s information. Host Infuser offers a free domain name with your website, complete with WhoIs identity protection.

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Best Web Hosting Providers – Why you should choose Host Infuser

Choosing the best web hosting for you is a big deal. You want the best performance for the lowest price. Host Infuser is currently a top choice among website owners, and here’s why:

  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • Unlimited Data Transfer
  • Unlimited Storage Space
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited Domain Hosting
  • Included Website Builder
  • cPanel Control Panel
  • 50+ 1-Click Script Installs
  • Free Advertising Credits
  • 24/7/365 Customer Support
  • Bulletproof Refund Policy*

*If at any time you are not satisfied with the services rendered, you may request a refund!

I myself use Host Infuser for a multitude of websites that I require to be up and running 24/7. If these websites go down for an hour, that could cost me thousands! It is important to choose a web host you can trust!

In fact, Host Infuser used to only be invite-only in order to maintain the hundreds of thousands of websites!

Don’t believe me; believe the hundreds of other satisfied customers who are willing to vouch for Host Infuser.

As an affiliate marketer, I have hundreds of websites that require constant uptime. HostInfuser has yet to let me down.
-James R.

I have websites hosted on multiple hosts, and Host Infuser is the only one that has never gone down.
-Brian T.

As someone who deals with half a million unique visitors daily, I vouch for Host Infuser.
-Ashley F.

[Host Infuser] delivers. Every. Single. Time.
-Ryan F.

If you want a host that can’t guarantee stability, look elsewhere.
-Cameron P

…the servers are lightning fast. It’s absuolutely absurd.
-Thomas S.

I can run hundreds of sites on one server and still come nowhere close to maxing out my resources.
-Daniel H.

My company uses Host Infuser. My buddy uses Host Infuser. I use Host Infuser. Everybody should use Host Infuser.
-Paul W.

…but simply put, you have no idea how powerful Host Infuser is until you give it a try. I mean, they even offer an anytime money-back guarantee. You have nothing to lose!
-Troy E.

Customers have spoken. It is time to find out for yourself how powerful Host Infuser is.

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Best Free Website Builder

I have been asked a handful of times: What is the Best Free Website Builder? The fact is, the answer lies solely on what you are trying to accomplish; and luckily, Host Infuser offers every single possibility through their one-click script installer.

In order to pick out the best solution for you, you must ask yourself: what do I want my website to be? In order to choose the best free website builder, you need to answer this question. Below is a list of possible answers to that question.

  1. Blog/News/Articles
  2. Email
  3. Forum
  4. Shopping


Best Free Website Builder for Blogs/News/Articles

If you are looking to build a website that contains articles, news, or other text-based posts, look no further than WordPress. WordPress is the leading content management system for articles and blog posts. In fact, famous sites such as HuffingtonPost, Time, and The New Yorker all use WordPress.

WordPress’s power comes from its customizability. If you know PHP and read the WordPress documentation, you can sculpt your website into whatever you want it to be. With hundreds of thousands of plug-ins contributed by the community, you can truly make your website your’s. Host Infuser offers a free one-click install of WordPress.

Best Free Website Builder for Email

Looking to create your own email server? Roundcube is here to help. Roundcube is an IMAP client that runs exclusively on your host. Never again will you have to deal with default settings. Roundcube lets you customize your email server however you’d like. Host Infuser offers a free one-click install of RoundCube.

Best Free Website Builder for Forums

The most common free forum engine is phpBB. phpBB offers customization lime no other forum engine, sporting custom themes, plug-ins, and options that allow you to completely customize the forum to your liking. Why put up with limited options? Host Infuser offers a free one-click install of phpBB.

Best Free Website Builder for Shopping

A large chunk of website owners have one goal in mind: make money. Thus, shopping websites are made by the dozens every minute. But what powers all of these shopping websites? Surely they are not all built in-house!

ZenCart does one thing, and does it exceptionally well: sell. If you want a lead-generating powerhouse of a website, you’re going to want ZenCart. Best of all? Host Infuser offers a free one-click install of ZenCart.



Now that you have an overview of the leading choices for each type of website, it’s time to get started. Every option listed is available for free through Host Infuser, who not only offers lightning fast servers with 99.9% uptime, but also a one-click script installer that does all of the dirty work for you.

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Email Hosting

There are a lot of reasons why one would want web hosting. Sure you can build a blog or storefront to reach an audience, but why stop there? You can also host your own email server.

Host Infuser offers unlimited email accounts via your C-Panel. This includes unlimited storage for attachments and other data transferred via email. This type of email hosting is included with any package purchased from Host Infuser, but there are also alternatives.

Want more control over your email hosting platform? Why not try an email hosting CMS? Roundcube is an email hosting platform that allows complete control over how emails are handled, and you can install it in one click with Host Infuser’s One-Click Installer.

There are, of course, plenty of other options worth exploring, but I’ll leave finding the right set-up to you.

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Build a Website

So you want to build a website, but have no idea where to get started. You’re in luck! There are many fantastic articles that teach you how to build a website!

But before you build a website, you will need a website host. I highly recommend Host Infuser. Host Infuser is the top web hosting firm in the country, and their price to performance ratio is absurd. We’re talking about lightning fast servers with 99.99% uptime for practically nothing. Check them out.

Articles about Building a Website:

How to Build a Website | PCMag.com

Creating your first website | Adobe

How to Build a Website | About.com

How to Create a Website with Joomla

How to Build a Website | HTMLGoodies.com


Build as many websites as you want!

As you can see, building a website is incredibly easy. All you need is one web host to build as many websites as you please! Let me break it down for you in a few simple steps:

  1. Get a web host
  2. Create a folder in the main directory of the server you bought
  3. Install a CMS
  4. Register a domain name for the site

Repeat these steps as many times as you’d like and you will be on your way to building your very own web empire!

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One-Click Installs

Host Infuser offers One-Click installs for a handful of great Content Management Systems (CMS). As someone looking into web hosting, you should know what some of the more popular platforms do.

Host Infuser Scripts

  • WordPress -Wordpress is a blog platform that is completely customizable and is great for Search Engine Optimization.
  • Joomla -Joomla is a web platform that uses object-oriented programming to build websites.
  • Drupal -Drupal is a framework that has been used in high-profile sites such as whitehouse.gov.
  • Roundcube – Roundcube is a webmail platform that uses IMAP technology
  • Zen Cart -Zen Cart is an online store management system.
  • phpBB – phpBB is a widely used forum platform.
  • Magento -Magento is an e-commerce platform that allows for monetary statistics and more.
  • Concrete5 -Concrete5 is a lesser-known website builder platform that allows you to create dynamic layouts on web pages.
  • MediaWiki -MediaWiki is a wiki engine created by Wikimedia, the company behind Wikipedia.
  • BuddyPress -BuddyPress is an open-source social media platform that allows for users to post blogs.

These are just a handful of the scripts that you can install with Host Infuser‘s one-click script installer. These scripts allow you to create a website in the matter of minutes, with all of the major work (i.e. coding, databases) being done for you. All you have to do is add content to the platform, and viola! You now have a professional website with the greatest website host on the internet.

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HostInfuser Plans

HostInfuser offers multiple payment plans, but perhaps the greatest thing about the host is that all plans are equal. Every feature listed in the HostInfuser Review is available to the lowest tier plan. Instead, HostInfuser’s plans are centered around how often you are billed.


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